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This is pinku..... i ve made this site after consulting my friend bipin... he is new Guy and he is very good to me and he help me so much for creating it ,i am going to describe about my life here .... hope that u will like to read it ...... thanks

Actully i am sooooooooooo bored and i dont have to do any thing so i made a plan to make some thing ... thats to buit  a web page for me and for my friend who can seee that and i feel that it will be more intersting to make it like

Turkey Picture
I made this turkey in school last Thanksgiving. We fingerpainted the turkey's body with chocolate pudding. Then Ms. Willis let us use real paint for the feathers. Cool, huh?
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My Favorite Things To Do
I like to play soccer and to draw. I like to taste test the cookies when my mom or my grandma makes them.

Some of My Favorite People
My grandma and grandpa are some of my favorite people. Grandma always has a cupboard full of twinkies and raisen-filled cookies. She also lets me pick my favorite cereal when we go to the grocery store. Grandpa takes us for rides on his four-wheeler when we go to his house in the summer.

Crayon Drawing
This is one of my first drawings of my brother Joe. Joe has read hair. Grandma gave him that shirt for Christmas, and she gave me one like it, only blue.
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